Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Barrett came over today after gymnastics camp (summer camp to you, Derek). These boys always have so much fun playing together and can fight like real brothers. Today at camp they helped each other put on their name tags, Barrett would turn around so Tate could put his on his back and then Tate did the same, it was really cute! It is always fun to listen to them talking about stuff like campouts, friends, and Hannah Montana and they can really cut a rug when you turn on "Dancing Queen"! Tate has even taught Barrett how to talk like a hillbilly and say things like "Let's go to Cooper's and get some Bar B Que!" (sorry kim). I love to hear Barrett call Tate "Tater" and he even told him today that he would miss him when he went to Houston to see his Nana. They will be in the same preschool class next year as we are holding Tate back from Kindergarten for one more year so look out Mrs. Krista, these two will keep you on your toes! They are great friends and I hope they will continue to be for a lifetime.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Family Pictures

Our friend Tanya took some family pics of us this weekend. She does a fantastic job and I highly recommend her if you live in the Austin area. Turn your volume up, she sets all of her slideshows to music. Thanks Tanya, you did a great job and we had lots of fun!!

Monday, July 7, 2008


Grant is now 15 months old and he is getting SO BIG!! He is looking more like a kid and not so much like a baby! He is FINALLY starting to sleep all night long. We are all pleased about that. He loves his brother so much and enjoys following him around. His favorite thing to do is go outside and play with the dogs and eat. This kid can eat a ton, actually he often eats more than Tate at most meals! We are so in love with this precious boy!

4th of July

Last week much of David's family from Denver was in town to visit and celebrate the 4th. His grandma died about a month ago so his sweet grandfather made the trip by himself. He is 87 years old and looks and acts like he's about 40! I hope it was good for him to get away and see his great grandkids. I think he had alot of fun. Also, his aunt, uncle, and their 3 year old little girl they recenly adopted from China, and her two older children came. It was really fun to see them and Tate loved playing with AiPei (pronounced "I PAY") he even said "she's cute!" about 100 times! On the 4th we went out to David's parents to cook out and shoot "Quiet fireworks" at Tate's request. David's sister Emily and Bro in law Matt and their new baby, Ella, also made the trip and was great to love on that sweet baby girl for a while!