Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Mommy's trip to the Lease

The hunting stand big enough for a family of four.Mommy's little helper in a hunting stand big enough for a family of four.

Passing the time, looking for wildlife. There were only two chairs....and four people.

Waiting for my deer

Tate's deer. Little brother had to get in the picture, too.

The boys talked me into going with them to the hunting lease on Sunday. Since AISD was out of school Monday it was a good time to go. So, we packed up Babo's truck with everything you could possibly need to shoot a deer, sleep in a camper, and entertain a three year old and a thirty three year old mom. Tate was really excited about me coming and wanted me to see everything he loves about this lease. I have actually been there many times but just for the day, I've never spent the night. We got there Sunday afternoon, unpacked our stuff and went straight to a deer blind. For the last almost 15 years David's dream had been for me to shoot a deer. Every year he begs me to go and each year I decline, not wanting to intrude on his fun, outdoorsy weekend.
About 10 minutes after we get situated in the big, low to the ground stand (I'm not climbing a tree!) we see the first doe. Tate gets so excited and wants to shoot it. And he does. I'm thinking,
Wow! That's fast! Maybe we can go home now and not have to stay out here all night." But, no. David says there is still plenty of time for me to get my shot at it. So. We, Wait, and wait, and wait. One hour later we see a group of does coming to the feeder and David tells me this is my chance. Tate is so excited and Grant is playing on the floor with a Star Wars toy, he could really care less (see, not only does he look like me, he acts like me, too.) David shows me how to line up the scope and where to shoot and I do! But then they all run off. David knows I shot her and he and Tate run off to find her. Thanks to time change it is gettting dark even though it is only 5:15. They look and look for my sweet Bambi but just can't find her. The next morning we found her, she had been a delicous dinner for a pack of coyotes. So I don't have any pictures with her but at least I finally fulfilled David's dream and felt the so called adreanline rush everyone talks about. It was fun, not sure if I will do it again but who knows?
All in all we had a good time. It was great to spend some time with all three of my boys!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Clownin' Around

Happy Clown
Sad Clown

Halloween 2010