Sunday, May 22, 2011


Tate played I-9 Soccer this spring and really enjoyed it. He has never played before so we heard that I-9 was a good way to introduce kids to the sport. On the first day of practice the coach let the player who chose a number closest to the one he was thinking of choose the team name. Tate guessed closest and named the team the Bobcats. David and I were relieved because of his affection for deer, nature, and dogs, we weren't sure what he might say. The Bobcats had a 2-6 season. They won the first two games and lost the rest but each player got better and most importantly they had fun while learning the rules of the game.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Mom by Grant

Grant's school had a Mother's Day brunch at last week to celebrate moms and grandmothers. He didn't want to go and chose to sit like this during the whole program. At least he gave me a sweet card. It said:

My mommy is ? years old.

Her hair is BROWN and her eyes are ?.

My mom likes to relax by WATCH THE NEWS.

She loves to cook EVERYTHING.

Her favorite household chore is EVERYTHING.

Her favorite TV show is THE NEWS.

Mommy always tells me SHE LIKES ME.

When my mom shops, she buys EVERYTHING.

If she could go on a trip, she would go to COLORADO.

I really love it when my mommy GETS Wii GAMES FROM THE REDBOX.

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Mom by Tate

The following is from Tate's Mother's Day book he made at school for me. See if you notice a theme:

Happy Mother's Day

by Tate Walker

My mother is the most wonderful mom in the world! She is as pretty as DOGS.

She weighs about 54 lbs and is about 4 feet tall. Her favorite food is PASTA. In the good old days when mom was little she used to LIKE TO READ. I think mom looks funny when she is wondering about dogs. I know she is really angry when she SCREAMS. I wish mom would RUN with me every day. I wouldn't trade my mom for A DOG.

My favorite thing about my mom is SHE DOES NOT FREAK OUT IF WE GET A DOG.

If I could give my mother somethings special from me it would be....I WOULD GIVE HER A DOG.

My mother loves me when I ......CLEAN UP.

My mother looks prettiest when.....SHE IS IN THE WOODS. (picture of me and deer on this page)

My mother's favorite thing about me is.....WHEN SHE TICKLES ME.