Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tate is 5!

Today is Tate's 5th birthday! I am having a hard time with this birthday because he could officially go to school next week and 5 just seems like such a big kid...I can't be old enough to have a big kid! It is so hard to believe he is already 5 years old. He came down the stairs this morning and said "I'm five, now! I just tried on my baseball glove and it still fits even though my hands are bigger today because I'm five!" He is going with some friends to the Children's museum next week to celebrate his birthday but we had birthday pancakes and went to Chuck E Cheese for lunch today to make it seem special. I love this kid so much! He makes us laugh every day and is turning into such a wonderful little man! Happy Birthday, Tate. We love you!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Door to door sales

Tate has been wanting to have another lemonade stand all summer. Since we live in a culdesac we don't really get alot of traffic in front of our house so David, who loves to encourage the wonderful world of sales, told Tate to go door to door with cups of lemonade and see if anyone would buy them. He was scared to go by himself but David bored him with the story of how he was scared in his first sales job but enjoyed how he learned good people skills and reaped the benefits of a sale so Tate decided he could do it. He went to our neighbors house first with two cups of lemonade and came back with one cup and two quarters. He "forgot" to give them both cups because he was so focused on those shiny quarters in his hot little hand. We watched him then go to the little girl down the street's house. He rang the doorbell, sold the lemonade, and decided to stay and play with her a little while.....I guess he had earned a break.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Proverbs 31 Ministries

I am like alot of people who would love to do a daily devotional but rarely have alot of time to sit and read something in peace and quiet. I have come across a great website called Proverbs 31 Ministries. It has a section for daily devotions written for women and busy ( I accidentally typed busty, not me!) moms and you can subsrcibe to it for free. Since I seem to find alot of time to be on the computer I thought this was a nice way to get a small dose of peace and knowledge at the same time. Today I read one called "Hold Me" and the woman talked about a family member having a chronic illness and her praying and praying for God to take it away. He didn't take away the disease completely but he let her know that no matter what He was holding her close and would walk with their family every step of the way. This just about brought tears to my eyes as I was thinking about David's dad and all he is going through right now with his cancer. We so often want for God to fix everything but sometimes he just wants us to go through the valley and let us know that he is holding on to us no matter the outcome. It was really what I needed to hear today and I quickly forwarded it to David and hope he will feel the same way I did. Anyway, off my soapbox, here is the link:

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Quick Trip

Yesterday David decided we should go to Sea World for the evening. Tate thought it was a wonderful idea so we decided to leave that afternoon and stay in a hotel Friday night. Before we had kids we used to take spontaneous trips like this alot, going to the coast, San Antonio, Weatherford or anywhere close, on a whim. Now, however, it is completely different. We had so much to pack ( I am an overpacker) for our little weekend getaway that we didn't even get to Sea World until around 7 0'clock that night! We had a plan to see the things we didn't get to see last time and to do it quickly! Tate was such a champ and we got to see two shows and he rode the tea cups. We agreed that the two hours there was really all you needed of Sea World. The boys had the most fun at the hotel. Tate enjoyed bouncing from bed to bed and Grant thought it was so cool to not sleep in a crib and sleep with Tate ( I, however, did not get much sleep because I kept waking up to make sure Grant was still on the bed.) We got up this morning and went to the Alamo. Tate had the same reaction I did: "Where's the Riverwalk and when can we go there?" After walking around the river for a while ( it was SO hot, even at 10am) we checked out and came home. I am bummed because I had a low battery in my camera so no pictures to document our time but a great trip was had by all.....I'm going to take a nap.