Monday, October 20, 2008

Fun Weekend

This weekend we went to Weatherford to see my family. The boys got to meet their new cousin, Chloe, and I got to love on her alot! On the way we stopped at David's hunting lease in San Saba to fill a few feeders, paint a deer blind and let the boys fish. They had a great time. Grant had never been to the lease before and we decided it will be a while before he goes back. I had not been in almost two years and Tate had so much fun showing me what he and daddy do when they go. I think he realized that I am NOT an outdoorsy person this weekend but thought it was cool that I went. We'll see if I get invited back, I am fine to keep Grant at home for a couple more years.

Me and my little hunter.

My boys

Tate at the Pumpkin patch in Weatherford

Grant loves sitting on pumpkins

Aunt Carol with Chloe, Tate, and Grant

The cousins- her bow was bigger than her head!So cute!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

The Littlest Cheerleader

Check out the littlest cheerleader for Texas Tech. Mom and Dad always buy little Tech stuff when they go to Lubbock for a game and I know they had fun last month when they were there because they were able to buy some girl stuff. She is going to her first game in November but Carol couldn't resist putting this on her while they watched TTU beat Kansas State on Saturday at the hospital. SO CUTE!!

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Chloe Elizabeth arrived on Thursday afternoon! We were so excited! My poor sister had been in the hospital since Wednesday at noon and was ready for this baby to come out! She had been admitted for high blood pressure and they tried to get her to dilate but after 26 hours the doc decided she wouldn't dilate and she was born via cesearean. I know Carol is so happy she is finally here! I was fortunate to go up to Dallas on Wednesday and be there for all of it (not the actual birth although I volunteered to go in and take pictures!) David was great to stay home with the boys and I am glad they got some bonding time together. Here are a few pictures of the two days I was there. She is so beautiful!!! Congratulations Carol and Jimmy! Your life will never be the same!