Tuesday, August 28, 2012

First Day of School

On August, 20th we started the first day of Third Grade and Kindergarten!  We have all been excited about this for quite some time! It is a bittersweet year for us beginning this new chapter of our lives having both boys in school. I was so hoping it would be better than Tate's first day of Kindergarten (absolutely awful) and it was! The nosy mom in me signed up to help with some PTA stuff on the first day of school just so I could be in the building if we had a runner in the Kindergarten wing. Thankfully, that was not the case and he went in, with some hesitation, but not too much. Here he is the morning of wearing a smile and his cars PJ's.
  The big cool third grader happily let me take his picture out front before we got in the car. The little one got cold feet for a few minutes and said he didn't want to go to school with Tate anymore and he would just stay home with me. We talked about it and he decided he would go but did NOT want his picture taken.
Here he is outside of the school, I snuck a picture. Looks nervous, doesn't he?
We made it in and he found his name tag. He looks bored in this pic, just a little nervous still...........
I finally got a smile when his cute, YOUNG, teacher greeted him.
I "happened" to walk by the cafeteria when his class was at lunch and sat with him for a few minutes. He was much happier and said he was having fun!
Oh yeah, and Tate did great too. Here he is with his cute, YOUNG, teacher Mrs Crawford.
And while walking the halls at meet the teacher we discovered that Tate made the wall art! You can see how excited he is about it.

Tate is 9!

Monday, August 20th, was Tate's 9th birthday. We took some friends to LaserQuest to play a couple of games, eat pizza, and have fun!
Tate on his birthday (also the first day of 3rd grade)
The Field and Stream Cake
Eating pizza
The party....bad picture but best I could get of 7 wild boys!
Actual birthday morning opening some presents that Nana sent