Sunday, December 27, 2009


Our cute little snowman sat outside on the bar for most of the day.

Creative aunt Carol gave him mini snickers for eyes and a hotdog for a nose.
Not a great picture, but all three of my boys were sledding down the hill.

David and Grant are so proud of their snowman.

Joseph...aka Tate.
Chloe was Mary and Tate was Joseph. Grant was supposed to be a wiseman but he got stage fright

Tate got a real guitar from Mimi and Daddo. He loves to play guitars with his Daddo!

Chloe doesn't usually wake up early so on Christmas she was quite surprised when we were up at 6:45!

David's Papo came from Denver. Matt, Emily, and Ella came from Ft Worth.

Tate wanted a Wii for Christmas but he is just as happy with "Big Buck Hunter" that Nana and Babbo gave him.

Back at home in Austin checking out what Santa left on December 26th.

Grant opening his presents from mom and dad.

Tate's other present this Christmas.........

................................his second deer this week! He has never killed anything before and he got two deer in one week! He was SOOOOO excited!
For Christmas this year we went to Weatherford. I am so glad we did because it SNOWED all day Thursday! The boys were so happy and shocked to see snow. Weatherford hasn't had a white Christmas since I was in Kindergarten! The kids and the uncles loved playing, sledding, and building two snowmen. We came home on Christmas afternoon because David's grandfather from Denver was in town as well as Uncle Matt, Aunt Emily, and cousin Ella. We enjoyed having them come over on the day after Christmas to have brunch with us after the boys had opened their gifts from us and Santa. It was a great holiday!

Monday, December 21, 2009

December fun

Tate saw Santa in Johnson City, he finally sat on his lap alone!
This was the only way we could get Grant close to him.

Every year they decorate the PEC building with millions of lights!

Trail of Lights with friends Blake and Barrett. least Brooklyn would smile for the camera.

Getting ready to decorate the gingerbread house after a bath, what was I thinking?

it was starting to lean.......

so we ate it.
Tate got what he wanted from Santa this year.....

he shot his first deer! He was SOOOOO excited!

We have been so busy this month and it has all been a blast! Tate is out of school and loving sleeping late but continues to ask "If I were at school right now, what would I be doing?" I think he might miss it just a little bit. We are heading to Weatherford in two days and will be back on Christmas night to celebrate with David's family. Merry Christmas!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

The Pilgrims who came to our Thanksgiving (aka Chloe, Grant,& Tate)

Roasting marshmallows around the fire pit

We had a great thanksgiving in Weatherford this year. We went up on Wednesday and came back Saturday. We enjoyed seeing alot of our family and the kids loved playing at Mimi and Dado's house. Creative aunt Carol made pilgrim costumes for Tate, Grant, and Chloe and even paper mached a turkey and pie for her her pilgrim pageant that was held after we ate. David enjoyed going to my dad's ranch to hunt and finally shot a doe! He was thankful for that..... On Thursday night we went over to David's sister, Emily's house to see Ella, Matt, Nana, and Babbo. On Friday we hung around the house and that evening we made smores on my parent's fire pit and sang songs around the campfire, it was truly a Norman Rockwell picture. We are home and ready to start preparing for Christmas!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween 2009

Nascar Tate
Brooklyn and Grant

waiting patiently

Did you know Jeff Gordon is friends with Colt McCoy?

Look who we found! Tate's teacher, Mrs. Haschke, lives in the neighborhood.

Halloween was great this year! Tate dressed up as a race car driver and Grant was a builder (however if you asked him he really wanted to be a monster!) Our friends, the Reaves, came over and went with us. Most of the neighbors were out either in their culdesacs or their front yard so it was easy for the kids. Tate and Barrett ran ahead of us to get as much candy as they could and Brooklyn and Grant walked with the parents and enjoyed seeing all of the spooky halloween decorations. It was a fun night and I think the kids really enjoyed it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Fun

We went to Marble Falls to the Sweet Berry Farms pumpkin patch this weekend. We had never been and were excited to go. However, when we got there most of Austin and the surrounding towns had made the journey there as well. There were hardly any pumpkins to buy (they were mostly the broken ones with flies swarming around them) but we enjoyed the hay ride and the boys loved the round bales of hay to climb on. It was a fun trip regardless of the crowds and we hope to do it again next year....maybe on a weekday, though.

Tiger Tate

Tate is loving taking golf lessons from Coach Brandon again this fall. He has been in this class since he was three.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Mommy and Grant at the pep rally
Tate and Grant in front of the bonfire.

Grant trying on the merchandise at Red Raider Outfitters.

Tyler, Tate, Logan and Grant in Memorial Circle giving the guns up.

Our family in front of Will Rogers who was, uncharacteristically, not wrapped in the traditional red crepe paper.

We went to Lubbock this past weekend with our friends Troy and Tonya Clifton and their boys Tyler and Logan. We had a great time! We left Friday morning so we were able to get their early enough to see the homecoming pep rally and bonfire that night. The boys loved every minute of it even though it was freezing and a little rainy all weekend. Unfortunately, my camera battery was low so I didn't get as many pictures as I had hoped. We beat Kansas state 66-14, so it was definitely worth the cold weather and long drive and we were so happy to show our boys the great city of Lubbock where so many wonderful memories were made.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


In front of the Pike Street Market
At the Pike Fish Market...couldn't get a picture of the fish tossing.

Sue with David and Emily

Fox Farms Lavender Farm, where the wedding took place.

Me and my sweet husband.

During the Ceremony. Yes, that is a picture of the Michelin Tire Man. Each section of the table had these pictures that were important to Scott and Shannon (Walker Tire ).

The beautiful bride and groom....check out the red shoes, so cute!

The craziness back in Austin! Poor Chloe, her face says it all!

This past weekend, David and I went to Seattle for his cousin, Scott's wedding. All of the Walker's were there and it was alot of fun! We had never been to that part of the country before and it is so beautiful! We saw Mt Ranier as we flew in and it is HUGE!!! We also enjoyed the downtown area and of course Pike Street Market. That is where they throw the fish, gross, but cool to watch! The wedding on Sunday was at a lavender farm on Vashon Island. It rained and was pretty cool that day but the wedding was great. The boys stayed in Austin and my parents, Aunt Carol, and Chloe came down to babysit. They had tons of fun. They took the kids to Zilker park where my dad and both boys canoed, Cabela's, Waterloo, Austin Scoops, and The Oasis. They really made the most of their Austin weekend! Thanks Mimi, Dado, Carol, and Chloe!