Sunday, September 28, 2008


1. How many kids do you have? 2

2.What are their ages? Tate is 5 and Grant is 18months

3.What time do you start your day? Grant wakes everyone up at 7 am, we love it because he used to always be 6 or 6:30.

4.What do you eat for breakfast? Tate always has cereal and Grant almost always has eggs of some sort, either boiled or scrambled. I often have a boiled egg and lately an keep the doctor away!

5.Do your kids watch TV? Uh, yes.....unfortunately we have on demand and that is a dangerous thing. However, lately we have really only watched PBS in the mornings. Tate loves Curious George and Sid the Science Kid. Grant doesn't really like TV. Every now and then he will watch Barney.

6.What are their favorite activities? Lately they have been playing outside on the trampoline alot and Tate is really into games. He got some great games for his birthday that he loves.

7.Do you get a break during the day for some down time? Lately, YES! It is so nice. Grant is finally down to one nap and it usually last around three hours. During this time Tate plays with the neighbor kids or outside. We often play games and if he has been at school or church that morning I don't feel too bad about letting him watch a few shows.

8. How do you end your day? We usually take baths and Grant goes right to bed. Tate gets two books and a bible story at night and is in bed by 8:30. We usually just hang out and watch TV or blog....just kidding.

9. What is your best parenting advice? Laugh.....alot! Cherish each day, they go by really fast!

*****I was supposed to post a picture of me with my kids, but couldn't find one. You all know what we look like.


Tanya W
Beth F and H

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Who needs Build-A-Bear?

Today, Tate had been in his room for quite a while and when I came upstairs to check on him he had dressed his bear, Brooklyn, (the name itself is for another post) in his shirt, his underwear, and Grant's shorts. Maybe he has a future as a personal stylist. great.....

Trampoline Fun!

Tate got a trampoline for his birthday from Mimi and Dado. It is so fun to jump on ( I have been on it twice already) but it was also fun for the boys to help us put it up. Actually, the boxes were more fun.