Wednesday, January 28, 2009

They finally came off!!

Tate finally started riding his bike without training wheels this week.He was SO excited! So many of the kids on our street ride without them and he has been wanting to learn for a long time. He and David worked hard on Monday night until it was almost dark and he eventually figured it out. He is really proud of himself and wants to ride all the time!

On another note, he finished his speech therapy sessions today. He was really happy as he does NOT like going each week. He mastered the skills we wanted him to (L,R,and W sounds) His funny aunt Carol told him he should tell the teacher "I Liked it, I Loved it, and I Learned alot!" and emphasize all of the "l" sounds so she sees that he is using what he learned! She's hilarious!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Something's missing........ part 2

I couldn't believe it, Tate lost his second tooth tonight! It wasn't really all that loose but he has been playing with it all day and after dinner he wanted an apple! After the apple didn't work he just played with it until it popped out! (I think I'm out of dollar you think he will settle for a rain check?)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Build a Bear

For Christmas, aunt Carol gave the boys Build a Bear gift cards. They had so much fun choosing their bear, putting the stuffing in, giving it a bath, choosing an outfit, and making birth certificates for them. Tate chose an army outfit for his bear and named him Pat Hamilton, after Daddo (my dad). Grant was attracted to the small basketball hanging off of the the Houston Rocket outfit, so he go that one and Tate said his bear could be named Sam. It was a fun time. Thanks Aunt Carol!

Friday, January 2, 2009

10 Years!

Today we celebrate our 10th wedding annivarsary! It is so hard to believe we have been married for that long. It really seems like yesterday we were starting our lives together. God had been so good to us. He has blessed us with two wonderful boys, great friends, a good church, a loving family and a great job. I am truly married to my best friend. While we don't have alot of the same hobbies we love being together more than anything. David always makes me smile and finds ways to make me happy. He is so giving and always puts me and the boys ahead of himself. He will go see my girly movies, walk around the mall, or just talk about stuff he knows I enjoy. Tonight we are going to dinner at Eddie V's to celebrate and then we plan on taking an annivarsary trip to Cabo in June. We learned 10 years ago that January is NOT the prefect time to take a beach trip! I love you baby and look forward to at least 50 more years together!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

For New Year's Eve we had our friends from our care group over. We had alot of fun! The kids played with sparklers and safe fireworks, made s'mores, and played outside while the adults ate, drank, and played games and talked. Originally I had said we would celebrate with the east coast at 11pm but most of our friends stayed until midnight and I am so glad they did!
Happy New Year! May you have a wonderful 2009!


Making cookies for Santa
Tate loved adding four to the dough

Playing with new toys

Grant and his new toolbench

The new racetrack was a hit with both boys

Grant figured out how to open presents pretty fast!

Opening their stockings

This year we spent Christmas at home and it was great! The boys made cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve and spread reindeer food on the lawn before bed. The next morning we woke up around 7:30 to see what Santa had left. Tate had been asking for an Easy Bake Oven so Santa left that for him. He was so excited! Grant doesn't say much so Santa thought he might like a Clippo table. He really liked it. The big hit was a racecar track I found on sale that both kids really enjoy. I didn't realize just how big it was but they both love it.David's family came over for lunch later in the day and it was good to see all of them. Nana and Babo gave Tate a camo jumpsuit and they gave Grant a toolbench. The next day we went to Weatherford and had Christmas there. The boys both got lots of fun stuff there, too. Tate got some new boots and a camera and Grant got a car launcher and some puzzles. Aunt Carol and Uncle Jimmy got Tate a Build-a-Bear gift card and he is so excited to go use it! I think we will do that next week when the mall crowds have lessened a bit. We came home on Sunday morning because David's parents were on their way to MDAnderson and his grandpa from Colorado was in town. He stayed with us until Monday afternoon and we took him to the airport. It is always so good to see him and he loves to watch the boys play. He is 87 years old but acts like he is 47! Overall, it was a great holiday!