Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun Weekend

On Friday we went to the greenbelt. It was so much fun! Hard to believe we had never done this before!

Grant followed daddy closely, thankfully the trails were easy.
Grant loved that he could throw rocks in the water and no one told him to stop!

The boys thought this cave was so cool. Tate had fun imagining that Indians used to live in it.

Because of the rain, Barton Creek was full and their were small waterfalls all up and down it.
Yes, I was there, too. Some might find that hard to believe but it really was fun!

On Saturday morning we made "resurrection buns". You roll out biscuit dough for the tomb, place a marshmallow in the middle signifying Jesus' body, roll it up, sprinkle with spices (cinnamon and sugar) annoint with oil (melted butter) and bake. When it comes out the marshmallow (Jesus) is gone. It melted/dissolved into the dough.

Tate saying "the marshmallow is gone, he is risen!". (That's what the directions told us to say).

Grant loves to help cook so he really got into rolling out the dough.

Sunday morning we woke up to our easter baskets filled. (Tate figured out the Easter bunny this year so he kept saying "It was you that bought this stuff at Target, right?"

After church we went to Nana and Babo's house for lunch and an egg hunt.

Looking for the eggs. Grant did pretty good this year, he was fast!