Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Two Runaways

This week we had two incidents with runaways. One didn't come back and one did. Last weekend David decided to take our dog of 12 years, Maggie, hunting in South Texas with him. He rarely takes her as she is deaf and very old and really not a great bird dog. However, he took her this time and when he let her out of the truck she started running and running and never came back. He really thought she would return and there were about thirty hunters on this ranch who he thought would spot her but none did. We will miss her but we hope she finds a nice farmer who will take her in and treat her well. The boys aren't really all that sad, surprisingly. Tate is now in the market for rabbits. We'll see if he gets his wish but for now this family is officially pet free and we are actually enjoying it....for now. I tried to post a picture of Maggie but blogger didn't like my scanned pic that I had. We will miss you Maggie, you were a good dog and we hope you find some other little boys who will ride you like a bull and pull you around the neigborhood for fun.
The second runaway happened Monday evening. Tate was sent to his room for fighting with Grant and when I came upstairs to get him he was packing a (small) bag and said "I''m running away!" I proceeded to tell him it was raining and that we would miss him but if he wanted to go he should go. He didn't care about the rain. He made it to the middle of the culdesac and came back. It was pouring and he was wearing flip flops. I guess he decided he would put up with us.