Wednesday, May 27, 2009


May has been busy with lots of fun activities. The boys have enjoyed going fishing in the evenings at a pond by our house and they love it. Grant likes it more than anyone and I have even been known to catch a few in this pond, too. Last week Tate graduated from preschool. Poor kids tripped and fell as he ran up to receive his diploma but thankfully it didn't phase him too much. Let's just hope he doesn't do the same thing at his high school graduation. I also got to attend the Mother's day tea at his school and that was really cute. The kids dressed up in aprons and chef hats they had made and sang a few songs. It was sweet and Grant really wished he could be up there with year he will. We have been to many birthday parties, a beautiful wedding, and are beginning to enjoy our new gym's pool alot. We are off to a terriffic summer! Showing off his fish
Grant like to do it "by myself!"


Tate in the middle on the back row in his chef hat and apron.

Chef Tate


My sweet boys

Graduation. Tate in the green stripes, still contemplating the fall.

Tate and Ms Krista

Tate and his buddy Cade.

Barrett, Charlie, and Tate

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's official....

We are signed up for Kindergarten! How can that be???? Doesn't he look excited?
We went today and filled out a mound of paper work and stood in line for a very long time. The best part was the tour of the school that we go to take. Tate liked the music and PE rooms the best. He asked alot of questions when we went into a real kindergarten room and it brought back so many fun memories of my teaching days. Overall, I think he will enjoy kindergarten, however if you ask him now he says he's not ready to go and wants to stay with mommy forever. Sweet, I know, but really, I think he is ready and I hope it will be a great year!