Thursday, April 23, 2009

San Antonio Zoo

Studying the map. "Where should we go next?"

Still studying the map........

"That's it, I'm going in!"

The little guys liked the prairie dogs.

Looking at the monkeys

"Did you see that?"

Tate and the elephant.

They climb on everything! We couldn't get them to all look at the camera.

On Monday we went with some friends from church to the San Antonio Zoo. It was alot of fun. The weather was perfect and the boys had alot of fun. Grant even managed to stay in his stroller for about half of the time! I just realized that almost all of my pictures are of the kids and not the animals, oh well, they are all alot cuter!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

This weekend was alot of fun! David's sister and bro in law and our niece, Ella, were in town from Ft. Worth and we got to hang out with them on Friday night. On Saturday we were determined to get a few pictures in bluebonnets since we haven't really done that since Tate was a baby. We went to the "big ditch" as Tate calls it by Chuy's and Costco and found a few small patches to take pictures in. Grant was not at all interested in the pictures and didn't want to sit down so we got some nice ones of just Tate and a few of me with the boys and David with the boys. And of course, since we were in the Chuy's parking lot we felt obligated to eat lunch there, it was SO good!! On Saturday night David and I went with some friends to see Pat Green at Nutty Brown. It was a great concert and a very late night for us, but I am so glad we did it. We woke up early Sunday morning to rain but were promised by the local weatherman that it would clear up for egg hunting by the afternoon. What do you know? He was right!! The boys had a great time hunting eggs and Nana brought over four dozen confetti eggs for the boys to crack all over the yard. I think Ella was the only one who escaped the confetti in the hair. They had a great time and everyone took long naps afterwards so it was a great day and we had a really fun weekend.