Monday, March 30, 2009

Grant is 2!

March 28th, 2007
March 28th, 2008

On Saturday Grant turned two years old! It is hard to believe he is 2 even if he has been displaying characteristics of a two year old for quite some time. We had a jungle themed birthday party with a few of his buddies and it was alot of fun. The weather was a little chilly but the kids had fun on the bounce house and trampoline and we enjoyed having friends and family there to celebrate. He had a double ear infection all week so he wasn't his normal self but I think he had fun anyway. Grant is such a fun little boy, he absolutely LOVES his brother and wants to do whatever he does. He seems to be talking alot more than Tate did at this age and will often ask "whatcha doin, mommy?" He has a new found love for scooters and is really good on Tate's old three wheeled one. He's a pretty good eater, too. He really likes vegetables with his favorites being broccoli and squash but doesn't like fruit or bread at all. He will start mothers day out in the fall and I think he will love it. He likes to go with me to take Tate to school and often walks in his classroom and doesn't want to leave. Grant loves his friends and talks about Dane and Brooklyn alot and loves to see his friend Owen at ladies class and on Sunday. My parents and sister and Chloe were in town this weekend for the party and he is definitely Dado's boy (much like Tate was at this age). He loves to be around Dado and he know Dado will let him do pretty much whatever he wants. He also enjoys holding his cousin Chloe. We had to make sure he didn't "love" her too much while she was here.
We love that little boy so much and look forward to watching him grow up! Happy Birthday Grant!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring time fun

Tate helped wash the car.....
for about 3 minutes. Then he got bored.

Grant is excited about all of the vegetables he is planting!

Tate carefully plants the onions and tomatoes

"It needs more dirt, here, let me help!"

Grant and Carson on the little four wheeler.

Look at all of the fish!

We have enjoyed the beautiful weather we have been having around here this week! For Spring Break the boys went to my parents house for about four days and had alot of fun. They got to see their cousin Chloe and aunt Carol and Uncle Jimmy who they love. When they returned we washed my car (which it BADLY needed) and planted a small vegetable garden. David has been wanting to have a garden for a long time so he decided that since we had extra room in our back yard we should plant a few things. I am getting really excited about it and hope to reap a bountiful harvest of onions, tomatoes, squash, peppers, and okra in a couple of months. The boys loved helping plant the vegetables and hope they are equally excited about eating them . On Friday David took the boys to his hunting lease to camp and fish and hike with some of the other families that are on the lease. They had a blast and came back sunburned, dirty, and stinky! I enjoyed a couple of days to myself and it was so nice!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tball Tate!

Warming up....


Tate at the plate

Playing catcher

He got bored and decided to sit down


Tate had his first tball game tonight and it was SO much fun!! He was so excited about it. He put his uniform on around 3:30 for his 5:45 game. He did a great job at bat and got to play in the outfield, shortstop, and catcher. He caught two nice groundballs and he got to do his favorite thing of all- SLIDE into homeplate! He had alot of fun and to top it all off he got a ringpop from the concession stand after the game. He was so happy!