Saturday, January 15, 2011


Christmas morning- two excited little boys!
Our Charlie Brown tree. It looked alot better in the field at the tree farm...guess we should have left it there:). The boys loved it.

A pogo stick! (What were we thinking? That thing is loud, not to mention, a little dangerous!)

This marble maze is so much fun! There are a millions pieces but it is hours of excitement for all of us.

Tate's pogo record so far is 67 jumps in a row. Pretty impressive!

Santa left a bike and scooter for the boys.

Tate really wanted a UT helmet. He got lucky because Nana got him the one with the pretend jersey.

Uncle Dave getting to hang out with Ella. The boys love playing with their cousin!

Nana and Babo on their last Christmas together. Babo was modeling some PJ's we gave him.

We had a great Christmas. We spent Christmas Eve by going to the church where Grant goes to school for their 5:00 service. It was so sweet. They had all of the kids that wanted to participate put on costumes and act out the Christmas story. My kids wouldn't have any of that and just watched as everyone else participated. Grant enjoyed and was a little confused by seeing some of his friends and teachers there. (He doesn't think they have a life outside of MWF school.
Christmas morning we woke up early and opened presents. It was a great time spent with just our little family. I normally make a breakfast casserole and french toast casserole when we are home for Christmas morning but the boys didn't want that this year so we made monkey bread (Andrea's recipe) and it was delicous! After we opened all of the boxes and got all of our toys out it was time to go out to Dripping Springs to have Christmas with David's family. Matt, Emily, Ella, and Lily arrived around lunchtime and we had a great lunch and opened more presents. We stayed there until 4:00 then went on to Weatherford for our third Christmas where we saw Carol, Jimmy, Chloe, mimi and dado. The next day all of mom's family came over, it was so good to see all of them. I was especially thankful that Carol and I got to go visit my grandad in the hospital two days after Christmas because he passed away the very next day. Then Lee went on to heaven 11 days later. We have had two funerals in ten days. We are praying that the rest of the year is much better than these first weeks have been. All in all it was a great Christmas and we look forward to the things 2011 has in store for us.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


Sweet Babo went to be with Jesus on January 7th. He had fought a five year battle with cancer and never complained. We will miss him so much.