Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Grant did great on the airplane!!!
The cousins playing in the pool. Hope the neighbors didn't mind my kids showing some skin!

Tate in front of the river in Breckenridge.

Four generations: Papo, Nana, David, Tate

The cousins: AiPei, Ella, Tate, Grant

That's Tate at the top!

Sweet brothers....you can't see it but they were sitting in front of some small fir trees. They were amazed at all of the "Christmas Trees!"

Hiking on the trail

At the top of a mountain

We just got back from Denver CO and we had a great time! We enjoyed hanging out with all of Nana's side of the family. Her dad and three sisters and their kids all live there. On Friday we went to the Denver Zoo. David's uncle volunteers there on Fridays and so we were able to see the show he helps with and take a behind the scenes tour of a bird show. The boys really liked it and we were happy to hear about all of the animals from someone who really seems to know. That night we went to Aunt Judy's house for dinner. The boys liked playing in her baby pool with her little girl Ai Pei. She and Tate are a year apart and they play very well together. My boys looked like little hicks in their diaper and tighty whiteys but we didn't bring their suits with us to her house. On Saturday, David and I took the boys up to Breckenridge. We loved being there! The weather was so nice and the mountains are beautiful. On Sunday we went to the base of a mountain where they have things for kids to do. Tate really wanted to do the rock climbing wall and he did great! It took him no time to get to the top and ring the bell. He and David also rode on the "Alpine Slide". It is this cool slide down the side of a mountain that you ride a scooter down. I really thought he would get scared when he got to the top but he didn't and wanted to ride it again. My favorite part was riding a ski lift up a mountain and exploring all around. It was gorgeous! Tate's favorite part of the whole trip was probably going hiking. We found a few trails that took us over bridges and through the beautiful pine forest and Tate was our leader. He literally wouldn't let anyone get in front of him, I think he would have liked to have camped out there but mommy would never go for that:)
We really had a blast in Colorado. David's parents and sister, bro in law, and our niece, Ella were all there and it was fun being with the entire family.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Other ways to stay cool? No Clothes!!
Proud, naked Grant.

Tate with a loud popping firework.

It's hard to see in the daylight but he is holding a sparkler. It just gets dark so late we went ahead and started the festivities early.

Chilling in the pool with Grant, Daddy, and Nana.

The boys and mom in the canoe.

The view from my seat, I liked the way Grant held onto his oar like that the entire time.

Grant is ready to go!
Boys ready to get in the canoe.

We have been trying to find ways to stay cool in these crazy 100+ degree days. On Friday, we took the boys canoeing at Town Lake and then to Barton Springs to swim. The boys LOVE the canoes and even Grant is still and quiet for the whole hour we are out. We had never been to Barton Springs before and have been wanting to experience the year round 68 degree temps that people seem to love. It was very cold but really felt good!

Also, on the 4th of July we went out to David's parents house because his sister, bro in law and our niece, Ella, were all there to celebrate. The boys had fun with the safe fireworks (sparklers, snakes, pop things).