Thursday, November 29, 2007


Tate went to his friend Ryan's house yesterday to play. While he was there the boys put underwear on their heads and said they were in a rock band! So cute....

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Grant is 8 months!

Grant is 8 months old today. I can't believe he is already this age. He is getting more and more fun each day and I am so happy he has completed our little family!

Here are 8 things about Grant:

1.He absolutely loves his brother. Tate can always make hime laugh and it is really sweet to see them together. I hope they will always be close.

2. He has recently started to really like taking a bath. He used to cry and scream durig bath time but now he loves to splash the water. He kicks his feet and smiles when he sees the tub being filled.

3. Grant has recently discovered French Bread. Giving him a chunk of this buys me about five to ten minutes of time to get things done. ( of course I stay close by, I wouldn't want him to choke!:) )

4. His favorite numbers are 12 and 3- these are the times (a.m.) he likes to still wake up and make sure we're not doing anything fun without him. Oh, he doesn't wake up twelve times ( I would shoot myself!) He gets up at midnight and 3 almost on the dot each night.

5.Adding to this, he is not a good sleeper at all.....I can hardly tiptoe into his room without waking him up=LIGHT SLEEPER!!!!

6. Just this week he is starting to crawl a tiny bit. ( in other words he takes about two "scoots" until he gets whatever we put in front of him to motivate him then sits up and chews on it)

7. He has 3 real teeth and two that just popped through...OUCH!

8.He is the redhead I didn't know I wanted until he came.... I love him SOOOO much!

Little Red Raider

Here is a picture of Tate all dressed up in his Red and Black the day after Tech beat OU.

What a game!!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Fun Weekend

This weekend we went to Weatherford to see my family. On Saturday we went out to my dad's ranch and had a cookout with my mom's family. My cousin brought her horses for Tate to ride and of course he loved that! Her daughters also brought their battery powered jeep and four wheeler and Tate thought they were the coolest things ever! We often go to Toys R Us and just sit on them, I don't think he realized they actually move. On Saturday my friend Dallas and her sweet girls Elyn and Nora came over along with her sister Marty. I always love seeing them. Dallas and I were best friends in high school and each time we get together I am reminded of how much fun we had and wished we could see each other more.

Here are some pictures of our weekend.....

Tate in the jeep.

Me with Elyn, Tate, Nora, Dallas, and Grant.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Catching up

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted. I used to be so frusrated when people would gp days and weeks (sometimes months) without posting anything new. I really don't have a good reason why I have just been lazy I guess. Here are some recent pics....

The boys at the new house just hanging out in a furnitureless ( is that word?) room.

We felt very safe with the army man and the fire man to protect us on Halloween.

The biker baby with daddy.

Tub time....