Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fall Fun

We went to Marble Falls to the Sweet Berry Farms pumpkin patch this weekend. We had never been and were excited to go. However, when we got there most of Austin and the surrounding towns had made the journey there as well. There were hardly any pumpkins to buy (they were mostly the broken ones with flies swarming around them) but we enjoyed the hay ride and the boys loved the round bales of hay to climb on. It was a fun trip regardless of the crowds and we hope to do it again next year....maybe on a weekday, though.

Tiger Tate

Tate is loving taking golf lessons from Coach Brandon again this fall. He has been in this class since he was three.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Mommy and Grant at the pep rally
Tate and Grant in front of the bonfire.

Grant trying on the merchandise at Red Raider Outfitters.

Tyler, Tate, Logan and Grant in Memorial Circle giving the guns up.

Our family in front of Will Rogers who was, uncharacteristically, not wrapped in the traditional red crepe paper.

We went to Lubbock this past weekend with our friends Troy and Tonya Clifton and their boys Tyler and Logan. We had a great time! We left Friday morning so we were able to get their early enough to see the homecoming pep rally and bonfire that night. The boys loved every minute of it even though it was freezing and a little rainy all weekend. Unfortunately, my camera battery was low so I didn't get as many pictures as I had hoped. We beat Kansas state 66-14, so it was definitely worth the cold weather and long drive and we were so happy to show our boys the great city of Lubbock where so many wonderful memories were made.