Thursday, December 6, 2012

A Busy Fall

We have been pretty busy around here these last few months!
On September 1st, its the opening day of dove season, AKA Christmas to the Walker boys.
 Tate played Flag Football again this season and really enjoyed it. Our district has a team for each school so everyone on his team were 2nd and 3rd graders from Andersen.

 Brotherly love. Grant played YMCA soccer and most of his games coincided with Tate's flag football, but here was one game that Grant got to see. He was proud of his brother.
 David coached Grant's team again this Fall and had a great time. You can see junior coach Tate in the back, he tried to go to as as many games and all practices as he could to help out.
 Pep talk from the coach after the game..... they were probably just asking who brought the snack.
 If you drove into our neighborhood this Fall you would see these signs all over.
 In October, our school had Fall Break, so I tagged along on a work trip with David to San Francisco and the wine country for a few days while the boys went to Weatherford.
So beautiful!

 This was at our first tasting in Napa, Pine Ridge. It was my favorite. We chatted with the couple behind David for a long time. They were from New Jersey and it was their first time to California. The week after this Hurricane Sandy hit and I have wondered about them ever since!

 Champagne tasting at Gloria Ferrer vineyards.....YUM!
 Kim gave us the idea to get a picnic so when we were in Sonoma we went to a small grocery store and got some yummy things to eat and drink. Thanks for the idea, Kim!
 We drove into San Francisco our last day and it was overcast and rainy but still beautiful!
 Halloween 2012: the Vampire and the WHITE ninja. Our church has a Fall Festival so we went to that and the kids had a great time.
 Lastly, I have been substituting at the boys school alot this year. One day I got to sub in Grant's class so I grabbed a quick picture of him. According to the substiute rules, this is grounds for termination, but I'm pretty sure no one reported me and it was my child after all! He was so happy to have me in his class but his teacher sure has her hands full this year. I can't believe I used to do that every day!

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mimi sharon said...

A busy Fall indeed, glad you got to go to California looked like a fun trip. Proud of my boys.